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Q. how long does it normally take to repair my car

A. Every accident and repair is different, when you come in for a quote, ask our professional staff for an estimate in repair time.

Q. Why do we recommend regularly servicing your car?

• To ensure the safety of your car for you and your passengers 
• Reduces the risk of component failure and break downs. 
• Save you money by preventing expensive reactive repairs. 
• To pick up early signs of possible major damage, which repairs can then be planned for. 
• Improved fuel economy. 
• Reduces running costs. 
• Reduces greenhouse emmissions by your car running efficiently. 
• Helps your car to last longer and drive smoother. 
• Maintain a good resale value

Q. Can we drop you off?
A. Yes - locally



Q.What do you do to my car during a service?

A.When you drop your car in, we will conduct a thorough safety check, and then generate a report based on your car's specific requirements. 

If there are any requirements outside the normal servicing we will call you and speak about our concerns. 

If you want the extra maintenance items carried out, we will do so. 

If you do not want the extra maintenance items done, we will report them on your invoice as future maintenance requirements.

Q. What if my car needs to stay overnight?

A. If your car needs to stay overnight because it's awaiting parts or additional repairs, your car will be locked safely and securely inside our workshop for your peace of mind. Or we wil provide you a replacement car.